We Don’t Like to Blow Our Own Horn…

Thumbtack Best Pro of 2015

…but we’ll make an exception in this case. In our never-ending quest to find more customers who need our help with marketing, advertising, and graphic design, we employ a number of techniques, including monitoring sites that match up designers with people looking for the same. One of those sites, Thumbtack.com, just awarded us a “Best of 2015” award. The nice thing about this award is that it’s given on the basis of 100% customer satisfaction. We’ve always tried to under-promise and over-deliver with our work. And frankly, we never let a little thing like a feature spec or a budget stop us from giving our customers more than we promised, even if it means we make a little less on the project. It’s just the way we work. But it’s nice to know that this attitude is recognized where it counts – by our clients. Many agencies have an “ego wall” at their office, lined with trophies, usually given by professional organizations, given for this ad or that campaign. We generally don’t participate in such contests. Why? Because we think that’s a useless and misleading metric, for determining excellence. You don’t hire us to win awards. You hire us to help you increase your business. You don’t care (or you shouldn’t, anyway) if we win awards for the work we do for you. It’s meaningless and self-congratulatory. The kind of awards we prefer are ones that come from satisfied customers – positive comments, great feedback, referrals, and more work! So, we’ll accept this “Best of 2015 Award” with gratitude, and promise we’ll redouble our efforts moving forward, so that we can continue to excel for our clients. And thanks to all our clients who helped us by leaving glowing reviews…we appreciate it!

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