If the pen is mightier than the sword, imagine how powerful a computer is by comparison. We write copy that sings – dances across the imagination, captures the attention of the mind’s eye, and compels, convinces, and  communicates volumes in mere paragraphs.

Revolutionizing Education – Our client submitted a six-minute long, rough draft of ideas they wanted to communicate in a three-minute animation. We concentrated on editing the project so that it would not just communicate the ideas, but to tell their story in a compelling and lively way.

Presenter’s Pal – A shooting script for the animated demo (which we also created) on the home page of their site. It’s an overview of their flagship product.

Lee Cockerell Seminar – We created a brochure and collateral materials to promote Lee Cockerell, the founder of the Disney Institute, when he presented a two-day seminar for the Leadership Institute in Shreveport Louisiana. This PDF shows how we put our copy to use.

The Suit – A man. A woman. And a really nice suit. Do the clothes make the man, or do the clothes make out all by themselves? A short story by Brad Kozak.

If I Had a Hammer – Here’s a fun fact…did you know that there are more people in prison for murder that used a hammer as their weapon of choice than there are murderers who used a an assault rifle or a shotgun? So how long do you think it will be before they start treating hammers the same way they do “assault weapons”? Originally published by The Truth About Guns.

Constitutional Support – Remember the ads for Bartles & Jaymes? I would imagine if they’d had television ads back durring the Revolution, you might have seen something like this. Written for

Foursquare and Seven Seconds Ago – The Founding Fathers seem like statues or at least larger-than-life figures. I suspect they had egos and put their pantaloons on, one leg at a time, just like the rest of us. Originally published on the website.