voiceovers + audio

With some serious background in music and theatre, Novel Idea has always emphasized audio in almost everything we do. Take a look as some of our samples below, and you’ll get a crash course in our voiceover work, as well as our audio engineering, music composition, arranging and orchestration chops.

Client: Various | Title: Voiceover Demo Reel | Voices: Brad Kozak

If you’re looking for one clip that runs the gamut of what we can do, this is it. It’s a assortment of comedy sketches, radio spots, character voices, and sound effects that covers just about everything.

Client: CommunicApp | Title: Presenter’s Pal | Announcer: Brad Kozak

We wrote the script and voiced the narration. Interestingly, the stock music we chose had a relatively sparse section towards the end. We recorded a drum solo in our recording studio to fill that void.

Client: Louisiana Hayride | Title: Bicentennial Birthday Bash | Announcer: Brad Kozak

A spot we created for a reunion/revival of the Louisiana Hayride.

Client: Glenn Beck | Title: Founding Father’s Moment #1 | Announcer & Character Voices: Brad Kozak

Brad voiced the announcer, John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson.

Client: Falcon Club | Title: Falcon Club Family Festival | Walter Winchell: Brad Kozak

We wrote this spot as a nod to the style of broadcast pioneer, Walter Winchell.

Client: First United Methodist Church | Title: Disney Institute Seminar | Voiceover: Brad Kozak

Brad voiced this spot for a Disney Institute seminar featuring it’s co-founder, Lee Cockerell.