websites + mobile

Creating static and animated websites that work is a huge challenge, due to ever-evolving requirements, technology that seems to change daily, and a host of devices (all requiring unique formatting). For instance, did you know that statistics for most websites show that over half their visitors come from tablets and smartphones? If you don’t have a website that reformats automatically to accommodate mobile visitors, you’re losing half your audience. Did you know that if your website doesn’t keep a steady flow of updated content, most visitors will visit only twice – after the second time seeing the same content, they see no reason to visit again. If you don’t keep your site updated, with fresh information, you will have to depend on new visitors, and forego recurring traffic. Not good. But how in the world can you manage to keep a site fresh and updated, when you’re not a web designer?

Creating online and mobile solutions that work requires a company that understands both design and technology, and ‘gets’ working in the mobile space.

We got that.