Our friends at Region 10 contacted us with an interesting challenge. They needed a logotype that would play off their own logo, but have a distinct look about it, as they were partnering with another company, supplying the technology. That’s the interesting part. The “challenge” part is that they needed it right away. 

Branding is such an important part of any business, that we are usually loathe to take on a “rush” job on a logo, because we’ve suffered through the truth of the old saying “there’s never time to do it right, but there’s always time to do it over.” But Region 10 is not your typical customer. These guys are sharp – they know what they need, and they don’t agonize over decisions. We like that. So we gladly took on the challenge. What you see here is the result of that work. If memory serves, we hit this one out of the park (their words – not ours) in less than 48 hours, from start to finished art. Sometimes, everything just comes together. This was one of those times. 

We picked up on their logo typeface and one of their corporate colors, and used the “10” from their cube to substitute for the “IO” in the word “AXIOM.” All in all, it turned out just as the client wanted, and frankly, it was kind of a rush to go from concept to finals this quickly. 

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